Property Taxes

Wes believes that a vibrant downtown is an essential component to a growing community. In the last four years, Bondurant's downtown area has experienced a renaissance. This revitalization has brought a new life and excitement to Bondurant. However, there is more work to do, and Wes is excited to work with downtown merchants and developers to help transform our downtown area into an engine for economic growth for generations to come   

Tax Abatement

Economic Development

Bondurant City Council

Downtown Revitalization

As a member of the Bondurant City Council, Wes Enos helped to broker a plan that will bring Bondurant's residential tax abatement program to an end. 

Wes understands that it is the primary responsibility of every elected official to be a good steward of the money entrusted to them by taxpayers. As a City Councilman, Wes voted against a pay raise for himself, and opposes wasteful spending.

Wes is a tireless advocate of the City of Bondurant, utilizing personal relationships and working with Legislative, Congressional and Regional partners to promote Bondurant as a great place to build a business, state a family and lay down roots.

Fiscal Resposibility

Paid for by Neighbors for Enos

Wes believes that Bondurants property taxes are too high and has proudly cast his vote to reduce property taxes every year he has sat on the City Council. Wes will continue to be a voice for lower property taxes in Bondurant, hold the line against property tax increases and continue to advocate for tax reductions.